Creative Project Manager

Skills: Planning, Organizing, Leading, Communicating, Multi-tasking, Critical Thinking, Data Analysis, Eye for Design, Problem Solving, Tech Savvy, Results Driven, MBA Educated

Example Projects: Events, Fundraising Campaigns, Marketing Campaigns, Websites, Graphic Design, Social Media, Promotional Videos, Small Business Startup, E-Commerce

Toolkit: Slack, Trello, Canva, WordPress, Google Suite, Microsoft Office, Adobe Products, iOS Products, PayPal, CauseVox

Pricing: $35 per hour or fixed contract rate. Discount rates for Nonprofit Organizations

Dreams into Reality

Every creative project starts with an idea, but how do you make that idea a reality? If you’re feeling lost, let me help shape and mold your small or medium creative project idea into a well defined plan with clear goals and objectives. Together, we will ensure your creative project reaches completion on time and within budget. With 10+ years of professional experience and knowledge, I can be the secret to your creative project’s success.

– Maggi Peachey


  • Nonprofit Sector: Multiple creative and unique fundraisers with little or zero budget, website design (WordPress), social media graphics design, brand kit, e-commerce (Square), workshop organizing, event planning.
  • Small Businesses: Business plan creation, small business start up, incorporation (Texas), licensure, convention/trade Show participation and table design, website design (WordPress), logo design.
  • Retail: Direct mail marketing campaign, display design, promotional graphics.
  • School Projects: Cat food drive, public transit marketing campaign (and competition), Empowerment Center poster design.

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