Registration is open between Nov 1st – Dec 31st, 2022. After you register (by submitting payment), you are officially part of the club! You will then receive TWELVE original 5″ x 7″ fine art prints made by me, Maggi, starting in January 2023. One print will be sent each month. (Registration is now closed)
See examples of past club prints here

About the 2023 theme: To show my appreciation and love for some of the greatest artists to live, the design for each print will be inspired by their art with my own twist added to it. Think Picasso, Kahlo, Dali, Warhol, and more.

Membership: Become a member by submitting payment below. Membership is $70 and includes all 12 prints, making each print the incredible price of $5.83. Monthly prints will be mailed via USPS. To express my gratitude to members, I strive to create special works that are to the best of my printmaking abilities. (Registration is closed!)

After submitting payment you will receive a welcome email within 72 hours.

A little more about Maggi’s Print Club: Inspired by the excitement from receiving fun magazine subscriptions in the mail as a kid, Maggi decided to recreate that excitement for others in the form of small art. Maggi’s Print Club was established in July 2019 and has created / released 18 unique limited prints to date. You can see these works here.