Yarn Macramé

This is a basic Macramé craft project using yarn. This is a good project for beginners ages 10 and older. What makes this project fun is that there is an endless amount of variety depending on the yarns and knots you use. You won’t want to make just one!

What you need:

  1. Yarn
  2. Scissors
  3. Wooden dowel or sturdy twig (used 18 inch dowels in this project)
  4. A heavy book or a clamp
  5. A 2ft long level or other solid item that is two feet


Techniques you need to know

  1. Overhand knot (regular knot)
  2. Braid
  3. Larks head knot
  4. Macrame square knot

NOTE: If you need more help with these knots check out youtube for video examples.

STEP 1:  The first step is to measure and cut three 2ft long strands of yarn. Group the yarn together evenly and tie on one end of the dowel using a double knot (two overhand knots). Braid the three strands tightly. You can put the other end of the dowel under a heavy book so you can keep the yarn taut. When you get towards the end of the braid, tie the end to the other side of the dowel. You can now hang your dowel and work on it from a wall. I used a push-pin to hang it.


STEP 2: Using the 2 ft level, loop the yarn around it long-ways 10 times then cut the end off. Carefully remove from the side that does not have loose ends. Cut the bottom strands on the loose ends side. This will give us ten 4ft strands fairly quickly. ((NOTE: If you use a yarn that is thicker than the rest it may not need ten strands. Try maybe 5 instead.)) Keeping the yarn held together in the middle with your fingers, add these strands to the dowel using the lark’s head knot. Start on the ends closest to the braid hanger and work your way in alternating the yarns you use. For this project I have added 11 groupings of strands. Feel free to include more or less depending on what you can fit on your dowel. Going forward I will call each group of strands a group.


STEP 3: Learn the square knot and start creating rows of knots.

First Row: Make three square knots. Use the group on the outer ends and the 4th strand inwards to tie a square knot leaving the 2nd and 3rd groups from the outside in the middle of that knot. Then, use the two groups next to the center group using that center group in the middle of the knot.

Second Row: Make two square knots. Start with the 2nd groups from the outside with the strand groups next to the center strand leaving the 3rd and 4th groups in the middle of that knot.

Third Row: Make one square knot using that same two groups next to the center group leaving the center group in the middle of that knot.

TIP: If you leave your knots loose it allows you to go back and make corrections. When you’re happy with the look you can make them tighter before moving to the next row. You can also make more or less knots depending on how it turns out.

STEP 4: Throw in some braids. I chose to braid and tie an overhand knot at the end of the dark gray groups since they were still the longest. You can choose to braid the complete group or just individual strands in it. Your project is now complete!


SUGGESTION: Play around with the square knots and braids and types of yarn. I used three different types of scrap yarn for this project but single multi-color yarn also produces fun results. Check it out:



You may choose to leave your yarn hanging at different lengths or you may trim them to make it even.

Thanks for reading, have fun, and happy crafting!

-Maggi Peach