Waiting For Their Day to Come

Some progress has been made on the Art Room. I painted the walls and have done most of the trim. Blinds have been purchased but they’re just a smidge too short width wise. I think they can be placed above the window frame and none will be the wiser. Those DIY home shows make it look a lot easier than it actually is, especially when attempting to do all of this solo. Not to mention my grandfather prefers his home at a steamy 80 degrees.


Then there’s my art supplies. Canvases, easels, paints, pastels, sketch books, clay, fabric, sewing machines, a dremel, various tools, resin, and so on. All untouched and unused for quite a while. All scattered in different places and homes. They sit on shelves, in bookcases, and in boxes, all waiting for their day to come.


Once everything is set up, I’ll really have to focus on what I want to accomplish first. I have some paintings/designs I promised some important people but just neglected to finish. I have personal portrait ideas that I think will make a bold statement about myself. I have ideas for series of art dolls that I would eventually want to sell. Aside from actual art I also had ideas for a craft web series for kids of all ages and an art club.


I’m not sure when the time comes what I’ll have the motivation for. Perhaps I will approach this by gathering all my ideas together, throwing them at the wall, and seeing what sticks.


Hopefully it won’t mess up the walls I just painted.


-Maggi Peach

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