I’ve always loved craft malls. It’s a brilliant business model where crafters and makers lease a small space and fill it with goods for sale. As a result, the whole shop contains an array of wonderful finds. Anything from vintage items, jewelry, clothing, woodwork, crochet, and so on.

So as of January I have my own 3ft x 4ft space that contains some art supplies, crafts, and other neat things. Swing by and check it out sometime if you are in the San Antonio area.

Homestead Handcrafts located at: 4536 Thousand Oaks, San Antonio, TX 78233

Phone number: (210) 637-1842

Hours of operation: MON-SAT 10:00-6:00, SUN 12:00-5:00

My booth is easy to find, it’s right behind the display table you will see as you first enter the store!